MATTEO's passions and talent lie in New Media Video/Audio Art combined with Sculpture.

His work and accolades in the design, commercial entertainment and advertising industries have kept him on the edge. He has chosen that peripheral position as a cultural observer who brings the outside in and the downside up.

For that he has been awarded two grants from The Burning Man Arts Foundation, for his large-scale interactive video sculptures entitled “HeadSpace” and “Spectre” which were exhibited at the annual events in 2005 and 2006 respectively. Reception was spectacular as he brought people art that they could work with in ways familiar to them from the ubiquitous Internet experience while adding layers of visual complexity. His art responds to, challenges and reinvents the technology driven changes in human interaction and communication.

MATTEO has been working in the arts since he was a young man in his hometown, Toronto. He rapidly outstripped the traditions of a classical arts education and film study at the University of Toronto, where his father was founding director of the Cinema Studies Program.

At age 18 became an entrepreneur, producing, directing, shooting, editing and marketing success- fully in the U.S. and Europe his special brand of video art for use in nightclubs.

His many pursuits kept him conceptually engaged with contemporary culture as his technical savvy and business skills brought him deeper into entertainment industries. His successful video art compilations led him into establishing, designing, and managing startling new and different nightclubs like Caribou Club, Enertia Nightclub, Alligator Bar and Flix Lounge.

His work earned him popular accolades: “The next new wave in groovy hangouts” –The Toronto Star. “The wildest decor in Toronto history! A great place for dancing and lounging the night away!” -The Toronto Sun.

Relocating to Los Angeles in early 1992, he worked and was mentored beside world-class A List Production Designers Bruce Rogers & Jeremy Railton who understood the level of MATTEO’s talent.

In 1995 he established his own design company, MATTEO Industries Inc. Design Division, a production design company. Since then he has won numerous design awards for his work in television, music video, stage, concert, special event and commercial production. Including five International Broadcast Design Awards. Clients are familiar names like: The Jim Henson Company Dick Clark Productions  MTV  VH1 ABC NBC CBS The Eagles Alanis Morrsette Sega GameWorks Mattel Intel  Nissan Larry King Nickelodeon...


Another branch of MATTEO’s trajectory includes creating and designing full concept commercial venues, restaurants, offices and residential interiors. Beautifully crafted and unique contemporary furniture and details are what transformed those projects into living installations.

MATTEO is comfortable in all circles of art and design but his move to bring art closer to life both ties him to the early history of design – when it was still art – and the post-modern situation of merging and deconstruct- ing known and knowable areas.


MATTEO brings innovative, original, fresh and unique creative skills to his projects. He knows technology, he knows business, he is a passionate and cutting edge force always looking forward and ahead of the curve.


Matteo has done, and continues to do new and memorable work.

MATTEO has conceived several more collections currently in various stages of fabrication and film/video art development.