Statement: My Inscape and Outer Forms

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My work is a unique way of experiencing communication though new media fused with sculpture that explores the very essence of how we interact and relate to visual media like TV, film and the internet. I use technology-driven, light -oriented communicative sculpture and sometimes interactive environments to explore humanity and the impact of media and advertising on the population of our global village.

After many years of being immersed in the process of creating video art pieces, designing visuals and sets for the television and music industries,  I’ve returned to more intuitive acts of creativity that allow me to explore my fascination with the individual as participant, artist and agent. I am also creating sculpture specific content and stand-alone video art. My twenty-five years of experience as a filmmaker has given me the visual, commercial and editorial skills that allow me to participate in raising the level of visual exploration and innovation in contemporary new media art.  My video sculptures are inscribed with issues and ideas that I consider relevant to the contemporary culture that shapes our social environment.

At the same time my conceptual video pieces function as a  site that sets us free, the large scale pieces offer a blank canvas open to participants and viewers to convey their ideas and passions through motion pictures. This social dialogue between creator and spectator parallels the blogging process that defines our contemporary era. Old and new media are intertwined to broaden modes of communication, altering what interaction sounds and feels like in unique and unexpected ways.